Our clients are innovative and restless people whit many projects. They also make thier better effort to turn them into reality.

Our comes from a large number of companies and institutions, large and small, public and private.

We are happy to actively collaborate in their projects, enhancing and enriching them using all of our experience and professional capacity.

“Thanks Martin, I’ll tell you something short about the Expopyme, it was a great success, many people congratulated us for the new product, many people wanted to buy it, even a Spaniard wanted to take 10 to Spain, to give to some friends, because he said I do not have any other there. In the meantime, I have another project that in a few days I’ll tell you. ”

Rubén Falciglia

Director, FK Seguridad SRL, Argentina

“Martin really deliverd new ideas – even though I understand he never was acting in our niche of bathrooms – grate, innovative, creative, good taste!”


Frank Oehmke

CEO, Domovari GmbH, Alemania