Our services

Design method.

We are convinced that creativity is present in each and every one of us.

Field research and observation of users’ daily life activities is a fundamental part of our innovation process.

We work to understand the point of view of the users and study the way they relate to the world of objects and material culture. This allows us to discover new possibilities to improve existing products or even discover unmet needs that can open up new possibilities for innovative products.

The knowledge of the users, together with the knowledge of the work philosophy, values and skills of each one of our clients allows us to offer appropriate designs for each particular case.

Innovación consultancy.

The tasks of innovation consulting are aimed at incorporating innovation tools so that SMEs can make better use of design and creativity resources.

Based on a long experience in the design of consumer products for SMEs and state agencies, we carry out tasks of diagnosis and impementation of innovation processes. A professional activity, which began in 1994, has led me to design more than 200 products, both for private companies and for state agencies in various cities in Argentina. I have also worked for several clients in other countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, Switzerland, India, Canada, Germany, Denmark and the United States.

A short list of products developed includes:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Kitchen furniture.
  • Home appliances.
  • Electronic products.
  • Containers
  • Urban equipment.
  • Plastic products.
  • Trophies
  • Motorcycle helmet.
  • Bus seats.

Industrial Design.

Product design is a competitive strategic tool. A professional design management makes an essential contribution to the process of creating value for the products and the brand. It is a tool that collaborates with the growth of the company through the contribution of innovation, quality and cost reduction.

Our task is oriented to provide design solutions adapted to the particular needs of each company. A detailed analysis of your company, customers, competence and your products, among other factors, allows us to have a broad knowledge of the design problem.

We work to offer design solutions that exceed the formal limits of the object to make it work into its real social, economic and cultural environment.

Product Development.

The development of products consists in the detailed technological resolution of all the component parts of the product for its production.

We work in close collaboration with the internal design areas of each company to ensure a correct result in a suitable time for each case.

A long experience in the use of computer-aided design CAD tools allows us to offer professional solutions in 3D modeling of complex parts and the elaboration of detailed technical drawings.

3D Printing.

We have 3D printing equipment that we use during the design and product development process for our clients. This technology allows you to materialize objects in a simple and economical way. It is a tool that allows to expand the creative limits and optimize the design process. Quality, speed, innovation.