Electronic scale.

Award: Sello Buen Diseño 2011
Team: DI Martin Dalponte | DI Matías Conti | DI David González
Client: Kretz S.A.
Year: 2009

The product

Aura is an electronic scale designed with a modular system that allows you to configure various models from shared parts. This product was completely developed in Argentina following international standards.

Kretz Design Language

Faced with the challenge of creating new products for a leading brand such as Kretz, we decided to create a specific design language that serves to clearly identify the brand from its products.

The Kretz Design Language is inspired by the human genome, from which emerges a “human” conception of technology, organic forms, emphasis on interfaces and constructive modularity.

The electronic balance Aura is one of the cases of concrete application of the Kretz Design Language.

What we´ve done.

The collaboration of the Estudio Dalponte included the ¨design language¨ conceptualization, product´s design, UI design and engineering of all plastic pieces.