Bathtub + basin.

Team: DI Martin Dalponte
Client:  Domovari GmbH, Germany
Year: 2017

The product

The project consisted in the design of a bathroom set composed of bathtub and basin.

It´s a case of success of a design project carried out remotely using of Freelancer´s platform.

Te project was based upon the requirements made by the german manufacturer Domovari. First we developed several concepts for bathtub and basin sets. Then the company selected two concepts for prototyping and one of them is now part of the company’s product catalog.

The products are designed to compete in the international market, mainly against high-end products made in Italy.

The products are manufactured using a material developed by the company called “domovari mineral matt”, a composite material consisting of 1/3 polyester resin and 2/3 natural mineral (ATH). The production is made at the company´s high-tech production facilies located in the city of Krefeld, Germany.

What we´ve done.

The collaboration of Estudio Dalponte included the design concept, overal design and detailed 3D modelling.