Gas heater for domestic use.

Equipo  DI Martin Dalponte
Cliente  Coppens S.A.
Año 2003

The product.

Climatronic is a line of convectors based on the principles of design, innovation and comfort. They incorporate three unique and innovative features specially developed for this project based on the study of people’s lifestyles. These are the room fragrance, the automatic electronic ignition and the easy installation system.

The room fragrance starts from a broader concept of environmental conditioning. It is an exclusive feature that allows you to take advantage of the hot air, generated by the convector itself, to maintain the atmosphere flavored with natural essences.

Automatic electronic ignition is a system developed specially for this product, which allows to light and regulate the convector smoothly and precisely with one hand. A built-in function that allows its use by a wider group of people.

The installation process is completed in only three operations and without the need to dismantle the cabinet.

What we´ve done.

The collaboration of Estudio Dalponte included design concept, product styling, user interface design and engineering design of whole metal cabinet and plastic pieces. We also collaborate providing technical advice for manufacturing startup.