Modular LED luminaire.

Award: Sello Buen Diseño 2017
Team: DI Martin Dalponte
Client: Artelum S.A.
Year: 2016

The product

Huile is a modular luminaire system with high-performance LED technology.

It is a polyfunctional product system with a modular construction system. The different versions of the product are aimed at fulfilling functions in various situations of use that require the application of various types of products, such as projectors, ceiling lights, wall lights or street lights.

The main objective established by Artelum was to incorporate a new family of artifacts of the latest technology and high performance into the product line. Additionally, we sought to achieve a product that is accepted and consumed by the target market, which can generate new business for the company and give prestige to the brand.

The core technology of the product was determined by previous research carried out by Artelum and consists of the use of standardized high performance LED modules that are mass produced for various applications and are imported from China.

What we´ve done.

The collaboration of the Estudio Dalponte included the design concept, the formal design of the product, the engineering development of all the parts that make up the product and the technical advice for the production.