Wine jug.

Team:  DI Martin Dalponte
Year:  2010

The product

This is the redesign of a traditional Argentine product originated in the 1930s. At that time the wineries moved bulk wine to large consumption areas such as Rosario, Buenos Aires and Córdoba to market it in 200 liter, 20 liter or 5 liters to canteens, grocery stores or wine seller. The bartender needed to divide the wine to take it to the client’s table and he did it using jugs shaped like a penguin. Previously, jars with a wicker handle were used, but later the penguin became popular and began to be used massively in bars and restaurants as well as in family barbecues, where the peak of use was in the 50s and 70s of the 20th century. . The original penguin was a liter but nowadays you can get a quarter, half and three quarters of a liter.

The materiality is defined by the use of ceramics of the highest quality. The products are manufactured by unit following a hand-crafted production method. Different types of ceramic are used as stoneware and white matt ceramic to obtain different finishes.

What we´ve done.

It is a product created on its own initiative, which starts with the idea and is completed with the development of the original concept, the formal design of the product and production.